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Doctor Calip




Member of



Breath of the Wild
Fort Hateno
West Robred Dropoff
Tears of the Kingdom
Kakariko Village (initially)
Popla Foothills Skyview Tower
Damel Forest (temporarily)


Breath of the Wild
An Ancient Text
The Cursed Statue
Tears of the Kingdom
Calip's Journal

Calip is a character found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Calip lives in a small cabin just east of Fort Hateno. He is a researcher who spends his nights in his home, analyzing ancient texts.[1] He insists that Link refer to him as Doctor Calip, instead of Mr. Calip, as he spent a good deal of his life studying to earn the degree. He often refers to himself in the third person, and thinks of himself as a bit more important than he really is.[2]

Calip spends day and night working, so much so that he never has time to see his family.[3] He is so obsessed with his work that he hasn't even told his family about it at all. Calip will stay in his house overnight, waiting until 6:00 a.m. before heading out to do field research.[4]

On rainy days, Calip will remain indoors at all times, as he is worried that the lightning gets attracted to his metallic glasses, considering heading outside to be a safety risk.[5][6]

During the daytime, Calip will travel east along the road and then head north to Robred Dropoff. He only works during the daytime as there are hordes of monsters that roam during the night.[7] In spite of this, monsters may still ambush him during the day. If any enemies approach Calip, he will run away, screaming for help, even after Link has defeated the enemies in the area.[8] Link is able to accompany Calip during the daytime, but he tells Link to try to not get in the way.[9] Calip will occasionally go off on a tangent when talking about his work, even referencing a voodoo doll, before backtracking, as he believes he is delving into matters too terrifying for the average person.[10]

The Cursed Statue

Main article: The Cursed Statue

After talking to Calip, when Link acknowledges that Calip is a Doctor, it certainly changes Calip's demeanor.[11] Calip will then tell Link of a riddle that he is trying to solve, activating The Cursed Statue Shrine Quest.[12][13]

Calip hints that he thinks that the dark light could just very well be the night light.[14] However, at 5:00 p.m. each evening, Calip will head back to his cabin, making it so that he never gets to see the statues during the critical evening hours.[15]

After completing the quest, Calip is even more confused as to how the Shrine appeared. He refers to the occurence as "a stroke of luck".[16] With the shrine now visible, Calip continues his research.[17]

Tears of the Kingdom

Calip can be found in Kakariko Village, now as part of the Zonai Survey Team.


  1. And since you asked, I'll inform you that I'm engaged in analyzing ancient texts. I haven't time for idle chitchat. - Calip
  2. HA! Let me guess... You caught wind of the great Dr. Calip's groundbreaking research and just HAD to meet him for yourself. Heh... No? Don't tell me you've never even HEARD of me! After I've dedicated my life to researching the ancient shrines?! *sigh* Well, you'd better remember my name, for it's not the last you'll hear of it! And while I'm at it, it's "DOCTOR Calip," if you please. I didn't study my rear end off to be called "Mr. Calip." Everyone forgets I'm a doctor for some reason... - Calip
  3. Soon, my long years of research will be revealed...and all the world will hail it as the discovery of the century! To prevent any undue attention, I haven't even told my family about my work. You understand, I'm sure. - Calip
  4. It's close... It HAS to be... Hmm, dawn is starting to break. Time for another day of field research. - Calip
  5. Today's research trip is on hold. My glasses are unfortunately metallic... In this weather, my life could be at risk! - Calip
  6. I don't mind a little rain, but the lightning in Hyrule is alarmingly attracted to anything metallic. No, on days like this, it's best to shut oneself in and wait for the rain to clear. If you must go on gallivanting across the countryside, take care you don't get struck, at least. - Calip
  7. I only do fieldwork at shrines and ruins during the day. Why, you ask? Hmmm, could it have something to do with the hordes of monsters roaming at night? What an ignoramus... - Calip
  8. Help me! Heeeeelp meeeee! ...Oh, you're not a monster. You're just you. I thought you were one of these impertinent monsters for a moment... - Calip
  9. You again? What not? You want to tag along on my fieldwork? Well, I suppose it might do you some good to see an expert at work. Just try to stay out of my way. - Calip
  10. Don't go spreading this around, but I've made an interesting discovery in this ancient text. After cross-checking with a few other manuscripts, I've realized something about this cursed statue... It can only refer to a dreadful variety of doll with the ability to influence one's behavior! Ah, but my apologies. I'm delving into matters too terrifying for laymen. - Calip
  11. Doctor... Did I...just hear you call me doctor? As in, not merely Calip, but DOCTOR Calip? It rolled off your tongue so naturally. It was downright salivary! - Calip
  12. Hrm... This changes things... Very well then! I'm feeling charitable, so I'll let a few things spill. This is just between us, understand. "When a dark light resides in the cursed statue's eyes, pierce its gaze to purge the seal from the shrine." I'm still in the process of deciphering that one, so I don't suppose there's any harm in sharing it with you. That's my life in a nutshell. Days filled with researching shrines and nights spent studying ancient texts. That leaves no time to converse with passing strangers, so farewell. - Calip
  13. "When a dark light resides in the cursed statue's eyes, pierce its gaze to purge the seal from the shrine." I'm not wrong, am I? It must be around there... - Calip
  14. I've been pondering the dark light mentioned here for some time, and I must admit I'm stumped. Light can't be dark, obviously. Unless... Whoops! Can't go divulging my research before I publish, now, can I? - Calip
  15. I try not to set foot outside my hut when night falls and monsters begin to roam this area. Just because I'm a trained archaeologist doesn't mean I have any skill with a blade. Quite the opposite, in fact. - Calip
  16. A shrine? Here? But I hadn't completed my inquiry into the mystery of the ancient texts. Hrm... This must be what we in the archaeology profession refer to as "a stroke of luck." Er, not that I believe in any such thing... - Calip
  17. Huh. The mystery deepens... My only response can be to redouble my efforts-now that the shrine is visible-to solve the mystery at last! - Calip