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Bolson Construction


Only employs people with names ending in "-son"







"A new age of comfort... Bolson Construction homes ooze quality from every seam. Explore our model homes today!"

— Bolson Construction Sign

Bolson Construction is the construction company owned by Bolson in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Bolson Construction is a company formed by the eccentric Bolson in Hateno Village, who enforces a rule that only those whose names end in "-son" can work for the company. His main employees are the builders Hudson and Karson. They build wooden houses of a modern style.

Hylian Homeowner

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Link first encounters Bolson Construction on the outskirts of Hateno Village. After passing some of their new houses, he finds them working to demolish a house which had been left a hundred years before by an owner who, according to Karson, "went off to the castle to report for service" and "never came back." Rather than see it demolished, Link can offer to buy the house from Bolson, who eventually agrees to a price of 3000 rupees and 30 bundles of wood. After purchase, the house is still an empty shell, but Bolson Construction happily supply furnishings, a door and various other accoutrements for a total of 1400 rupees.

After Link's House is fully outfitted, Bolson and Karson remain under the tree outside the house, and Bolson begins to talk about retiring.

From the Ground Up

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After Link purchases the house, talking to Hudson will have him depart for Akkala to found a new settlement. He begins work on what will become Tarrey Town on a tall, rocky peninsula overlooking Lake Akkala where a Goddess Statue already sits. However, he requires additional funds and wood from Link to make progress. In addition, he requires help in various ways to complete the town, but is hampered by Bolson's requirement to only employ people whose names end in "-son".

If Link successfully brings him the money, materials and people required; Link brings Bolson and Karson to Tarrey Town for the marriage of Hudson to the Gerudo tailor Rhondson. Although Rhondson is put out by the inserting of the "-son" name policy into their wedding vows with respect to any children they may have, she goes through with the marriage. Afterward, Bolson and Karson remain in Tarrey Town unless spoken to by Link, after which they return to Hateno Village.