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Member of



Rito Village (formerly)
Tarrey Town (currently)


Misa (mother)
Guy (father)

Fyson is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Fyson is a member of the Rito tribe and can be found on one of the lower elevations near the entrance to Rito Village, sitting down on a ledge. He asks Link if he's seen Divine Beast Vah Medoh up in the air, and talks about how everybody in town is freaking out over it.[1] Fryson however is more concerned with his mother, as she is repeatedly asking him to help out at the store. Fyson's mother Misa is the shopkeeper of The Slippery Falcon, found in town. Fyson doesn't simply want to help out, but instead, he wants to own his own store someday, selling whatever types of goods that he wants.[2] Fyson isn't sure if he's more sick of Vah Medoh or his mother.[3]

He is primarily involved in the From the Ground Up side-quest.


  1. Hey, evenin'. So, have you seen it? Divine Beast Vah Medoh? - Fyson
  2. Really? Not really the perceptive type, are you? Everyone in the village is freaking out because of it, but I have bigger problems... My mom is SO annoying. She asks me to help out at the store every single day. I can't take it anymore... I don't...want to just "help." I want to open my OWN store and sell whatever I want! - Fyson
  3. I don't know who I'm more sick of... Divine Beast Vah Medoh or my mom. - Fyson