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Priest / Innkeeper

Member of



Zora's Domain (Formerly)
Tarrey Town (Currently)

Kapson is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Kapson is an elder Zora who can be found at the back portion of Zora's Domain. Kapson was once a priest, but has since retired and spends his time idling around, not worried about the material concerns of the world.[1] Kapson begins to speak about his last days and the afterlife, feeling his life has become more boring as he has aged. He has a wish of presiding over one more wedding before his time is up. He tells Link that while in his travels if he comes across an engaged couple, he would like Link to introduce them to him.[2]

Kapson refers to Link as a traveler at first, but then quickly realizes it is Link from 100 years ago.[3] Kapson mentions that while most of the elderly around Zora's Domain resent Link for taking Lady Mipha away from them, Kapson doesn't. He resents the deed, but not the person, and believes in allowing the mistakes of the past to wash away.[4]



  1. Link... I have retired from my role as a priest. I am now living my life free from the material concerns of this world. However... Ever since I retired, each day is more boring than the last... Spending day after day in idleness, only to pass from this world soon... - Kapson
  2. Link... As I'm sure you are well aware, the afterlife lays claim to all. We never know when it will beckon. If during your travels you meet any engaged couples, I would like you to introduce them to me. Joining two souls is a true honor, one I shall stake my life on. Just one more wedding...and I shall be fulfilled. - Kapson
  3. Well, well! It is always nice to have a visitor here. Thank you for journeying to our fair Zora's Domain... - Kapson
  4. ... Wait a moment... You... You're Link! The perpetrator who force Lady Mipha to join his crusade 100 years ago, only to be destroyed by Calamity Ganon! As though I could ever forget that face. You should know that the elderly here who loved Lady Mipha still remember... and they still resent you. I, however, resent the deed and not the person. I also believe in allowing the mistakes of the past to wash away. - Kapson