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Zonai Survey Team Leader






Tauro is a character from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"An explorer whose passion for field research is unrivaled. He lives to make big discoveries, and he spent a long time traveling solo, investigating ruins. He is also an expert on reading Zonai writing. Princess Zelda found him to be the perfect choice for leading the Zonai Survey Team."

— In-game description

Tauro is the leader of the Zonai Survey Team, and an expert on Zonai writing. He can initially be found at Lookout Landing, asking Josha if he can be the one to investigate the Depths. After she denies him the opportunity, he can be found in Kakariko Village investigating the Ring Ruins after an invitation from Paya. He is frustrated that Zelda apparently forbade him from investigating the floating Ring Ruin.