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Uma is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Uma is a resident of Hateno Village, living in a house at the east end of town. She lives alone in the home just past the eastern entrance to town, south of the road. After waking up each morning at 5am, she walks over and sits down on a stool, right across from The Great Ton Pu Inn. When Link first introduces himself to Uma, she will ask him if he's a traveler.[1] Uma is filled with knowledge and well tell Link about how peaceful of a town Hateno Village is, but it wasn't always that way. When Uma was young, the town was still recovering from the Great Calamity.[2][3]

Uma has information about the Calamity, Hyrule Castle, and Hyrule Castle Town Ruins and will share it with Link if he asks.[4] While Uma was born after the Great Calamity, she explains that even to this day, the forces of the Calamity can still be seen at Hyrule Castle and the Castle Town ruins.[5]

Uma explains how Hyrule Castle was once the central governing center of Hyrule, where people would travel there to do great deeds, before then returning to their village, draped in glory.[6] Uma also mentions how Castle Town was the center for both commerce and knowledge, but now all is left is the ruins that are found just outside of Hyrule Castle.[7]

At 9pm each night, Uma will get tired and will head home for the evening.[8][9]

Tears of the Kingdom

Uma tends to the field next to the school in Hateno Village, right next to the Hateno Village West Well. After completing the Teach Me a Lesson II side quest, Link can speak with Uma to begin the Uma's Garden side quest and she will grow crops for you. After completing this quest, Link will be free to use the field whenever he wants.

Not every plant can be grown at the field. Link is limited to planting a Hylian Tomato, Wildberry, Hydromelon, Hearty Radish, Big Hearty Radish, Endura Carrot, Fortified Pumpkin, Sun Pumpkin, Swift Carrot, Hylian Rice, or Tabantha Wheat crop. Planting Hearty Radish and Big Hearty Radish crops will yield a smaller output than other crops.


  1. Yes, good mornin' indeed. Are you some sorta traveler? - Uma
  2. Oh... You must have moved here pretty recently then, hm? The village has grown to be quite a lively place. I suppose that's on account of things bein' so peaceful in general. - Uma
  3. Oh, yes... When I was a child, this whole region wasn't in a state fit to be sown, much less harvested. Hyrule Castle and Castle Town had been destroyed, and all the lovely folks there fell victim to... Well...back in bygone days, we called it the Calamity. But words often fall meaningless when we try to describe tragic events of a certain magnitude... - Uma
  4. Yes, yes... And now how could an old lady like me help you out there? - Uma
  5. The Calamity, yes... I didn't come along until everything was already over... I was born during the Age of Burning Fields. By the time I was old enough to be aware of it, the plants around Hateno Village were budding... We were self-sufficient. Even so, Hyrule Castle and the Castle Town remain a home ground for the forces of the Calamity to this very day... Those who are older than I might know more about it... - Uma
  6. Hyrule Castle was the governing center of Hyrule, home to the king and the beautiful princess. Brave souls from nearby villages would all set their sights there, do great deeds, and return home draped in glory. Hyrule Castle, once strong and proud, was corrupted by the Calamity...and it's still in that state today. - Uma
  7. They say that Castle Town was once a center both for commerce and knowledge. That reminds me... Do you have a map? You should be able to see the ruins of Castle Town in the center of your map. Just look at those ruins really gives you an idea of the destruction that went on there. - Uma
  8. I've got an early mornin' again tomorrow, so I'm gonna just head home now... - Uma
  9. It's time for everyone to head home. - Uma