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Harlow is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Harlow can be found at the Snowfield Stable where she helps run the place alongside Varke.[1] She works a bit of an odd schedule, and never sleeps. At 5am each morning she heads outside and sits by the campfire, trying to keep warm. She will only stay outside as long as it is either cloudy or sunny. If it starts to snow, she will head inside the stable counting some of the inventory that the stable has in stock. She looking at some of the inventory inside the stable. At midnight each evening, she will scrub the floors of the stable. It seems odd to be cleaning the floors at such an hour, but she insists on cleaning when it is dark outside.[2]

She seems to have some knowledge of the Master Sword, but feels strongly that it isn't just the sword that makes the hero. It angers her that some people equate the unnecessary pursuit of power with some childish dream of adventure.[3] Harlow does think that Link is a good person and that if the Master Sword really does exist, she hopes an adventurer like him gets it.[4][5] It's possible that Harlow doesn't like Danton, one of other residents of the stable, as all he speaks about is the Master Sword and what he would do if he were to get his hands on it.[6]



  1. Welcome to Snowfield Stable! If you're planning to head deeper into the snow, I recommend resting in one of our soft beds first. - Harlow
  2. I've got to clean while it's still dark... Must clean... - Harlow
  3. Ugh, why do some people equate the unnecessary pursuit of power with some childish dream of adventure? That sword may be good for slaying monsters, sure, but it's not like a sword alone makes a hero. Ya know? - Harlow
  4. Huh? Oh, I guess you did venture all the way out to a stable in the mountains, didn't you... - Harlow
  5. If the sword that seals the darkness or whatever it's called really exists... I hope a kind of swordsman like you will be the one to wield it. - Harlow
  6. What if I were the one to find the sword that seals the darkness? Yeah, what if?! That'd be swell... I could use the sword's sacred light to beat the stuffing out of every single monster on the Hebra Mountains! - Danton