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Danton is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Danton can be found hanging out at the Snowfield Stable where he spends his whole day. He wakes up at 6am each morning and if the weather is either cloudy or sunny, he will head outside, sitting by the camp fire to keep warm alongside Harlow. If it is snowing, which is most common at the stable, he will stand inside, leaning up against the counter. He will head off to bed each evening at 10pm.

Danton spends most of his day thinking about the Master Sword. He refers to it as the sword that seals the darkness and tells Link that legend has it that it's hidden somewhere in Hyrule.[1][2] He jokes that if he were the one to find it, he could use it to beat the stuffing out of every single monster on the Hebra Mountains.[3] When Danton is sleeping each evening, he even dreams about the Master Sword.[4]

Danton owns the Cooking Pot that is found just outside of the stable. He tells Link to feel free to make a Meal, using the pot. The harsh conditions of the Hebra Mountains could require some food to give Link some Cold Resistance.[5]


  • Danton is one of the only Hylian NPCs in Breath of the Wild who wholly believes Link is the hero of legend and encourages him. While Aliza also somewhat does, she does it with patronizing sarcasm and half-heartedly.



  1. It must be so great! You do know what I'm talking about, right? - Danton
  2. I'm talking about the sword that seals the darkness, of course! Legend has it that it's hidden somewhere in Hyrule! A single swing shoots out sacred light beams...mows down wicked monsters... and restores peace and stuff... Ahhhh, it's every dreamer's dearest dream come true, I tell ya! - Danton
  3. What if I were the one to find the sword that seals the darkness? Yeah, what if?! That'd be swell... I could use the sword's sacred light to beat the stuffing out of every single monster on the Hebra Mountains! - Danton
  4. Sword that...seals the darkness... Zzz... - Danton
  5. If you plan to roam the Hebra Mountains, you should make some food to help you withstand the extreme cold Feel free to use my cooking pot outside. Going to a snowy mountain unprepared is unacceptable for a true adventurer! - Danton