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Breath of the Wild
Travels the road between the Rito Stable and the Snowfield Stable
Tears of the Kingdom
South Akkala Stable (Initially)
Travels the road between South Akkala Stable and East Akkala Stable

Falmark is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Falmark is a traveler who will walk between the Rito Stable and the Snowfield Stable. He wields a Wooden Shield on his back and is passionate about Shield Surfing. He will teach Link some quick tidbits about shield surfing, in particular about how his shield will not break if he is surfing on sand or on snow, but it will break when surfing on other surfaces.[1]

Falmark will stop and comment at the various locations along his route. While near Rito Village, he'll comment about how terrified he is of heights. Which is a bit ironic, as he also talks about the great feeling he gets when surfing down the Hebra Mountains. [2][3][4] It is the steady slopes that he really likes. Falmark will also talk about stories from his younger days, in particular about one time he saved a lost child on the Hebra Mountains and how thrilling it was shield surfing down a mountain with a kid on his back.[5][6]

Falmark also has knowledge of the Hebra Great Skeleton, located beneath the Hebra North Summit. He's hoping to get a glimpse of the bones as they are believed to bring happiness to anybody that sees them.[7]

Falmark will stop at the Snowfield Stable, stating that he is making preparations to head up the Hebra Mountains. He stresses the importance of preparation, which is something he learned from Selmie, who live's up on the mountains at Selmie's Spot.[8][9] He even states that he wants to take part in the Selmie's Shield-Surfing competition found at the Hebra East Summit.[10] Howerver, despite stating he was making preparations to head up the mountain, Falmark will turn back around, traveling on the path leading to the Rito Stable.

Tears of the Kingdom

Falmark can be found on Kanalet Ridge just northeast of South Akkala Stable. He is in line to view the Cucco that can be found here.[11]



  1. Fella, you may take one look at me and think I'm just some boring old guy, but I'm really a world-class shield surfer! Since ya went through the trouble of talkin' to me, I'll go ahead and teach ya a thing or two about shield surfing. No matter how much ya ride on top of snow or sand, your shield won't break! On the other hand, if ya ride on a surface that isn't sand or snow, your shield will break down. It's common sense, really. - Falmark
  2. Rito Village is a bit too much for me, seeing as how I'm terrified of heights. I'm fine if it's a mountain I can slide down by shield surfing, but I hear it's not that kinda place at all. - Falmark
  3. If you're climbin' the Hebra Mountains to do some shield surfing, imagine the feeling of slidin' down while climbin' up. Remember that the tougher the going is, the better surfing back down will be! - Falmark
  4. Hey, fella! Are you climbin' up the Hebra Mountains? If so, allow this famous shield surfer to teach you a trick for mountain climbin'. If you imagine the feeling of slidin' downhill while climbin' uphill, it's easy! In fact, it becomes downright exciting! That's because the tougher the going is, the better surfing back down will be! - Falmark
  5. When I was about your age, I saved a child lost in the Hebra Mountains. I tell ya what, fella. Shield surfing down the mountain with that kid on my back was tougher than I expected! - Falmark
  6. Oh, you're a swordsman, aren't ya? That must mean you use shields too. Heh. I may not look the part, but I'm a fairly well-known shield surfer. Ah, that reminds me... When I was about your age, I saved a child who was lost in the Hebra Mountains. - Falmark
  7. I want to catch a glimpse of those bones rumored to be somewhere up on Hebra North Summit. Among shield surfers, they're believed to bring happiness to anyone who sees 'em. - Falmark
  8. I'm stayin' at the Snowfield Stable here and makin' preparations to head up the Hebra Mountains. I was told not to make light of the snowy mountains by a former shield-surfing champion who lives somewhere up there. Anyway, for now I suppose I need to make preparations for the cold. - Falmark
  9. I like to stay at Snowfield Stable before I head up the Hebra Mountains for some shield surfing. So how about it? Care to take a whack at shield surfing with me? Hey, ya know ya do! - Falmark
  10. I'd like to try competin' in the shield-surfing competition they hold at Hebra East Summit. - Falmark
  11. "Excuse me. My turn! Please don't cut in front of others. Rain or shine, my love for fashion will carry me through!" — Falmark, Tears of the Kingdom