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Monkton is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Monkton is an old man found at the Snowfield Stable. He spends almost the entire day walking back and forth inside the stable. After midnight each evening he will head over to the nearby stool where he will sit down until 7am. When Link chats with him, he likes to talk about stories from his childhood.[1] He talks about growing up in the middle of nowhere with his best friends Harry and Mary.[2]

Monkton talks about the North Lomei Labyrinth in the distance, beyond the Tabantha Tundra. Even though the adults at the time discouraged Monkton from venturing there, Monkton ignored them and went there anyway. Monkton encouraged Harry to travel into the maze as a test of courage. Unfortunately, this was the last time that Monkton ever saw Harry, as he never returned.[3]

Monkton also talks about the Tanagar Canyon, along with the Forgotten Temple to the southeast. The adults had told Monkton not to travel in that direction as it was way too dangerous. However, Monkton ignored these warnings and one day ventured there with Mary. Unfortunately, Mary lost her footing and she slipped, tumbling down the cliff. This was the last time Monkton ever saw Mary.[4]

When Monkton is initially telling the stories to Link, they are told as if Harry and Mary were childhood friend of roughly the same ages. However, Monkton eventually reveals that the two were actually grown horses. Monkton didn't have many friends as a child, so instead, the horses were his best friends. Harry and Mary both have descendants that are still alive and they reside in the horse stables at Snowfield Stable.[5]

While sleeping on the stool, Monkton is still thinking about his lost horses.[6]



  1. A traveler, eh? Can you spare a minute to listen to a bored, old retiree tell a story? - Monkton
  2. When you get to be my age, you start reminiscing about all the memories from your childhood. Heh, to be honest, growing up out in the middle of nowhere... Well, there weren't really other kids around. My only friends were Harry and Mary. I remember playing with Harry out in the maze and Mary out by the ruins... - Monkton
  3. There's an enormous maze beyond the Tabantha Tundra just north of here. I don't know who built it or when. The adults always said not to go near it. They said it was too dangerous there. One day, I urged Harry to go into the maze as a test of courage. I...I never saw him again. I learned the hard way that it really is dangerous there. Children have no real sense of danger, I suppose... To this day, the mere memory breaks my heart. - Monkton
  4. Maybe you've seen the big canyon to the southeast. There are some secret ruins down at the base of that valley. I don't know who built them or when. The adults always said not to go near. They said it was too dangerous there. One day Mary and I went out there to explore and search for the ruins. In the blink of an eye, Mary lost her footing. She slipped and tumbled down the cliff. I...I never saw her again. Sometimes a child's innocent curiosity can cause tragedies that can never be taken back. That memory will haunt me until my dying day... - Monkton
  5. As I grew older, I learned to overcome my grief over losing them. You can't change the past, only the future. Harry and Mary never made it back, but two of their descendants are there in that stall over there. My only friends out in these parts were horses, you see. I suppose that's still true to this day. - Monkton
  6. Harry... Mary... - Monkton