Yiga Blademaster Station

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Yiga Blademaster Station

Yiga Blademaster Station is a cave in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Yiga Blademaster Station has only one occupant - a Yiga Blademaster, who administers the Yiga Clan Exam to allow Yiga Footsoldiers to be promoted to Yiga Blademasters. Once someone passes the test, they are permitted access to the back room, where there are Treasure Chests with a Ruby and undecayed Eightfold Longblade✨ recovered from the Depths; along with a side area containing a Bubbulfrog, and "strange glowing ruins [they] haven't yet decided what to do about" - the Suariwak Shrine.

Unusually, while the Blademaster prevents those not in Yiga Clan uniform from entering, he does not recognise or attack Link if he changes out of the Yiga Set while inside, merely noting that "I feel I know you from somewhere, but I'm drawing a blank."