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Soft Soil is a recurring type of terrain in many The Legend of Zelda titles. Its common characteristics are that Link can usually plant small trees or seeds or dig up the soft soil.

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, ten soft soils are found throughout Hyrule. Link can plant Magic Beans in them, which can be purchased from the Bean Seller next to the Zora's River. He sells Link the first one for 10 Rupees. Each one afterward costs 10 Rupees more until the last one which is 100 Rupees. The growth of the plant is very slow, so Link has to be an adult to see it in full maturity. The matured sprout can be used to transport to areas where Pieces of Heart, Gold Skulltulas, and shortcuts can be found. Additionally, there is a Gold Skulltula inside every soft soil spot. In order to get it out, Link must capture Bugs in an Empty Bottle and then pour them on the Soft Soil.

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, soft soils are found across Termina. Planting a Magic Bean in one of these soft soil patches allows a small plant to grow. Watering the small plant with water from a bottle makes it grow immediately to full maturity, and Link is able to ride the plant that grows from it to distant places. Alternatively, Link may play the Song of Storms to quickly grow the plant as well. There are also many soft soil patches within the first Swamp Spider House, mostly on the walls. If Link drops a bug in front of said wall, a Gold Skulltula emerges from the soil.

Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages


In Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, Link can plant a Gasha Seed in the soft soil. As time passes, the seed eventually sprouts into a much larger Gasha Tree and produces a Gasha Nut. Inside a Gasha Nut, Link can find a Piece of Heart, Magical Rings, Magic Potions, Rupees, or Recovery Hearts.

According to Bipin, soft soil locations that are harder to come by produce rare Gasha Nut treasure.

There are a few Magical Rings that Link can wear that effect soft soil locations and the Gasha Nuts. If Link wears the Discovery Ring, Link is able to detect soft soil that is suitable for planting a Gasha Seed. If Link wears the Gasha Ring, the reward found within the Gasha Nut usually improves.