Wooden Sword

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Wooden Sword
Wooden Sword from Twilight Princess



Oracle of Seasons
Hero's Cave
Oracle of Ages
Received from Impa
Twilight Princess
Link's House


Attacking enemies
Cutting grass


The Wooden Sword is a recurring sword in The Legend of Zelda series. It is the first and weakest sword in all games it appears in.

Oracle of Seasons

The Wooden Sword is Link's first blade in Oracle of Seasons and is acquired at the beginning of the game.

On his way to visit the Maku Tree, Link is told to travel west of Horon Village to the Hero's Cave to prove his courage. It is inside this cave that he must make his way through various rooms and puzzles before finding the Wooden Sword.

Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, Link is given the Wooden Sword by Impa. Shortly after Nayru is captured, Impa wakes up and thanks Link for helping her. She tells him that since he bears the mark of a hero, he must be the one destined to save the Oracle. She confides in him that Princess Zelda entrusted her with the blade of a hero, and gives Link the Wooden Sword.

Twilight Princess

The Wooden Sword is the first sword Link receives in Twilight Princess,[1] being his cherished sword at the time.[2] Link obtains the Wooden Sword from Rusl who repaired it and returned it to Link.[3][4] After receiving the sword, the Ordonian children would like for Link to teach them how to use the sword,[5][6] so they can deal with the monkeys coming from the woods, who have been recently terrorizing the village.[7] Using this sword, Link can demonstrate all of the basic sword fighting skills the kids give out to him on the training dummy just outside Link's House.[8] After demonstrating the Jump Attack, Link impresses the kids.[9]

This sword remains in Link's inventory until after he rescues Talo, afterwards asking Link to let him "borrow" it.[10][11] After the Twilight has covered the Eldin Province, Wolf Link discovers the broken remains of the Wooden Sword on the ground.[12] It is from these remains he picks up the Youths' Scent.[13] This scent is used to track down the kidnapped children.



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