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Left, sprite from Oracle of Seasons;
right, sprite from The Minish Cap



Oracle of Seasons
Windmill in Eastern Suburbs

The Minish Cap
Baris' house in Hyrule Town


Oracle of Seasons
Part of trading sequence; can be traded for the secret to reaching the Noble Sword

The Minish Cap
Plays all of the songs from the game
In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ちくおんき (Gramophone)
France Française Phonographe (Gramophone)
Spain Español Fonógrafo (Phonograph)
Gramófono (Gramophone)
Germany Deutsch Grammophon (Gramophone)
Italy Italiana Fonografo (Phonograph)
Grammofono (Gramophone)

The Phonograph is a music playing device found in both Oracle of Seasons and The Minish Cap.


Oracle of Seasons

"You traded your for a Phonograph! What a tune!"

— In-Game Description

The Phonograph is the twelfth and final item of the very long and expansive trading sequence in Oracle of Seasons. It is a music playing device, and the music it plays is a very nice tune.[1][2]

The Phonograph can be acquired from Guru-Guru, a strange man who can be found near the Windmill in the Eastern Suburbs of Holodrum. He enjoys watching the Windmill go around and around, so he wants some oil to make it go faster.[3] If Link shows him the Engine Grease he got from Tick Tock, Guru-Guru asks if the grease will make the Windmill go faster.[4] If Link says yes, Guru-Guru takes the Engine Grease and gives Link the Phonograph in return.[5]

The Phonograph can be used to find the directions to the location of the Noble Sword. With the Phonograph in hand, Link must enter a cave in the southeastern corner of the Lost Woods, where he finds a Deku Scrub singing a tune.[6][7] The Deku Scrub notices Link's Phonograph, and Link has the option to play for the scrub or not to.[8] If he does, the Deku Scrub loves the tune, and tells Link the directions to his "Secret Spot": "If temperatures rise as you go far to the west, you'll find it!"[9] Following these directions leads Link right to the location of the Noble Sword, completing the trading sequence. However, if Link is playing a Linked Game, it is possible to have already obtained the Noble Sword via the King Zora Secret. If so, the Master Sword will be found in the Lost Woods instead of the Noble Sword.

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap, the Phonograph can be found in Baris' house in Hyrule Town, along with the last Piece of Heart found in the game. It can be used after completing the Figurines collection and obtaining the Carlov Medal. It can play 51 songs found in the game, plus one bonus song.



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