Lava Soup

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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ヨーガンスープ
France Française Soupe de lave (Lava Soup)
Spain Español Sopa de Lava (Lava Soup)
Germany Deutsch Lavasuppe (Lava Soup)
Italy Italiana Zuppa di Lava (Lava Soup)

"Your Lava Soup is ready! It's molten hot!"

— In-Game Description

Lava Soup is the fifth item of the trading sequence in Oracle of Seasons. Lava Soup is very hot,[1][2] mostly due to the fact that a main ingredient in the soup is lava. For those who can consume it, Lava Soup is very delicious, and has the capability to clear any cold a person may be enduring.[3] It bears a striking resemblance to ordinary lava, versus the typical appearance of most soups.

The Lava Soup is obtained from the Subrosian Chef, who can be found within his kitchen in the Subrosian Volcanoes region of Subrosia. Before Link obtains the Iron Pot from Mrs. Ruul, the Subrosian Chef tells Link that he can't make soup without a fine iron pot.[4] However, if Link brings the Iron Pot to the Subrosian Chef, the chef exclaims about how perfect the pot is, and asks to use it to make soup.[5] After receiving the pot, the chef heads to the back of the kitchen and cooks up some Lava Soup. After completing the soup, he gives it to Link, saying the lava and the pot create a harmony of flavors.[6]

The Lava Soup can then be used to continue the sequence. If Link heads up to the summit of Goron Mountain, he finds a large Goron, called Biggoron, who is sick.[7] Biggoron asks Link for something to warm his body up.[7] The Lava Soup is perfect for the occasion, and thus Biggoron asks to have it after smelling it.[8] The soup immediately has an effect, curing Biggoron of his cold.[9] As thanks, Biggoron gives Link the Goron Vase, the next item in the trading sequence.



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