Mt. Crenel Mineral Water

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Mt. Crenel Mineral Water




Growing green-colored bean sprouts


"You put Crenel Hot Spring Water in your bottle! It's piping hot!"

— In-game description[1]

Mt. Crenel Mineral Water (Hot Spring Water in the European version) is an item in The Minish Cap. It is aptly found in the Mt. Crenel region. This special water enables Link to grow green-colored bean sprouts, for regular Water has no effect, and can only grow blue-colored beans. To obtain this, Link must first use a rock and shrink down to Minish size. Then, Link must enter a miniature valley-like terrain and follow the path inside. Upon coming to the end of the path, Link comes across a small spring full of Mineral Water. To acquire it, simply scoop it up with an Empty Bottle.