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Swamp Shooting Gallery Manager
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The Swamp Shooting Gallery Manager makes his only appearance in Majora's Mask. He is the sole owner of the Swamp Shooting Gallery where he runs a shooting mini-game. The Gallery itself lies in the first region of the game, Woodfall. More specifically, it is located on the Road to Southern Swamp that connects Termina Field to the Southern Swamp.[1] The Manager himself is a part of the Hylian race and he seems to be heavy built, much like the other Shooting Gallery owners.


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After Link rids the evil within the Woodfall Temple by defeating Odolwa, peace restores to the region and to the waters of the Swamp. Since Link obtains the Bow from the temple, he is now allowed to partake in the mini-game.[2] This mini-game costs Link 20 Rupees and he must shoot the many enemies and reach a point total of 2,120 to gain a prize.[3][4][5] Upon first completion, the Manager gifts Link with the Largest Quiver. However, if Link completes the game again, the Manager gives Link a Piece of Heart. [6][7][8]



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