Fado (Ocarina of Time)

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Fado is a character from Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time

Fado is a blonde female Kokiri who has a distinct look from the rest of the Kokiri children. Early on in the game, she can be found on a higher platform in the center of the Kokiri Forest. Link can reach her by climbing up the ramp around Saria's house and walking across two rope bridges. She applauds Link for reaching her at this higher platform and refers to Link as being a 'real man'. She gives Link some instructional tips on how to use the C-up button as a camera.

Fado can be found within the Lost Woods when Link is an adult and she plays a part in the Trading Sequence. Link returns to the Lost Woods in search of the Master Craftsman's Son, but he is nowhere to be found. Instead, Link finds Fado near a tree stump. Fado states that everyone who gets lost in the Lost Woods eventually become lost and turn into Stalfos. After seeing the Odd Potion, she states that the mushroom is made out of its native to the Kokiri Forest and it must be returned. In exchange for the Odd Potion, Fado gives Link the Poacher's Saw, an item left behind by the Master Craftsman's Son.