Bolero of Fire

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This article is about the song as learned in-game. For the track from the Original Soundtrack, see Bolero of Fire (Ocarina of Time Soundtrack).
Bolero of Fire
Bolero of Fire from Ocarina of Time (N64) and Ocarina of Time 3D


Learned from


How to Perform

N64 ↓ A ↓ A → ↓ → ↓


Warps Link to the Fire Temple

The Bolero of Fire is a teleporting song learned on the Ocarina of Time in Ocarina of Time. This song will teleport Link to the Triforce Pedestal outside the Fire Temple.

How to learn it

After Link has learned the Prelude of Light, he has the choice of going to either the Water Temple or the Fire Temple, but many do the Fire Temple first as it is easier to find and complete. As an adult, go back up Death Mountain to the Goron City. On one of the middle levels, Link will find a Goron rolling around. Throw a bomb at the right time to stop him. He will say that he is Darunia's son and that he was named after Link. He will then give Link the Goron Tunic and tell him to go to the Death Mountain Crater to find his dad, who has gone to defeat the dragon, Volvagia.

Go up to Death Mountain Crater, and Hookshot across the broken bridge. Here, Link will find Sheik, who in yet another cutscene, will teach him the Bolero of Fire.

How to play it

In Ocarina of Time, it is played on the C-Buttons using the following notes: ↓ A ↓ A → ↓ → ↓.

In Ocarina of Time 3D, it is played using these notes: R L R L Y R Y R.