Bottom of the Well

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The Bottom of the Well is a mini-dungeon in Ocarina of Time. Impa sealed Bongo Bongo here until it escaped into the Shadow Temple, where she followed it.

Gaining Entrance

After gaining the Forest, Fire and Water Medallions, the next time Link visits Kakariko Village as an adult, he will find it on fire, and Sheik in front of the Well. An evil shadow spirit emerges, breaking the well's bar and tossing Sheik around, then knocking Link out when he tries to protect them. Link comes round to find the force gone, the fires extinguished and Sheik kneeling over him. They teach him the Nocturne of Shadow, allowing him to warp to the Triforce Pedestal outside the Shadow Temple, and bade him to follow Impa there to help the Sheikah elder with the evil spirit. However, on entering the Shadow Temple, illusions make it difficult to progress, a voice whispering to him that the "Shadow will yield only to one with the eye of truth, handed down in Kakariko Village".

In Kakariko, during the day, the blue-clothed man wandering behind the House of Skulltula tells Link that a "man who had an eye they said could see the truth" had a house where the well stood now - however, the Well remains sealed against Link's entry.

Another man - with a large beard, standing in the fenced corner behind the well - observes that the Windmill drew water from the well, but "now the well is dried up". Inside the Windmill, there is only one occupant, a Phonogram Man who complains about an "Ocarina Kid". Pulling out the Ocarina of Time further makes him complain about the "mean kid", "seven years ago" who "played a strange song [that] messed up this windmill". He proceeds to demonstrate the Song of Storms to Link - Link playing this in response causes the windmill to speed up in the stormy winds.

Link must then travel back in time and complete the paradox by playing the Song of Storms inside the windmill, creating the Phonogram Man's obsession, and draining the Well. This allows him to enter it as a child in search of the "eye of truth".

Dungeon Overview

There are many secret passages Link can discover. The main base and section of the well has a path that forms a square. There is also a green bubble flying around constantly. There is a statue of flowing water that floods the section floor. There is a platform beside it, and if Link plays Zelda's Lullaby on it, it will block the water from flowing and it will sink the water. With the lowered water, Link can go into the small hole beside the entrance of the main room where he will find the mini-boss Dead Hand. If Link defeats it, he will be able to obtain the Lens of Truth.



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The effective boss of the Bottom of the Well is a Dead Hand.

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