Bottom of the Well

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The Bottom of the Well is a mini-dungeon in Ocarina of Time. Impa sealed Bongo Bongo here until it escaped. She then sealed it once again in the Shadow Temple.

The Bottom of the Well is first visited by Link after he has learnt the Song of Storms as an adult and lowered the water in the well. There are many secret passages Link can discover without the Lens of Truth. The main base and section of the well has a path that forms a square. There is also a green bubble flying around constantly. There is a statue of flowing water that floods the section floor. There is a platform beside it, and if Link plays Zelda's Lullaby on it, it will block the water from flowing and it will sink the water. With the lowered water, Link can go into the small hole beside the entrance of the main room where he will find the mini-boss Dead Hand. If Link defeats it, he will be able to obtain the Lens of Truth.