Windmill (Ocarina of Time)

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The Windmill, also known as ?, is a location that appears in Ocarina of Time. It is found in Kakariko Village on top of a hill and it can be accessed through a door below it. Link can access it by either entering the Windmill from the main village or through a connecting tunnel from Dampé's Grave. If Link walks to the end of Dampé's grave, he can jump across a rotating platform to reach a Piece of Heart. Link can also reach it with his Boomerang as a child. Link must also learn the Song of Storms from the Phonogram Man here in order to access the Bottom of the Well.

The interior of the Windmill consists of a large, round room with a high ceiling. At the center of the room, there is a large, spinning platform connected to a wooden pillar. The room is divided into four sections by small stone walls branching from the central spinning platform. The only two sections of interest from ground level are the first section, which holds the door to exit, and the one to the right of it, which is where the Phonogram Man stands. The section opposite the door has a raised platform upon which an entry way is visible leading into the wall behind it. This is the exit to Dampé's grave, and it is where Link appears after completing his obstacle course. The section to left of the door has a matching raised platform with a Piece of Heart on top of it. However, neither of these platforms can be reached from ground level and are only accessible when Link exits Dampé's grave.

Upon entry, the central platform is spinning at a relatively leisurely rate. If the Song of Storms is played anywhere in the Windmill, rain temporarily appears inside the building and the platform speeds up significantly for the duration of Link's stay. Exiting and re-entering resets the platform to normal speed. At its higher speed, the platform is actually moving so fast that Link can't progress when moving against its spin unless he runs very near to the wooden pillar in the center. As young Link, the Phonogram Man appears happy and cheerful; conversely, as adult Link, he appears angry and annoyed.


  • Link, oddly enough, performs a different idle animation when inside the Windmill. When Link stands still for a short time, Link sneezes.