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Phonogram Man







Guru-Guru (Majora's Mask counterpart)

The Phonogram Man[1] is a character from Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time

The Phonogram Man is located within the Windmill of Kakariko Village, where he is always playing his phonogram.

The man seems to have quite the temper problem and is involved in what fans refer to as the Song of Storms Paradox. When Link visits him as a child, the Windmill Man is cheerfully trying to write a song inspired by the motion of the windmill.[2]

When Link visits him as an adult, the Windmill Man is considerably aggravated and complains that a child with an Ocarina 'messed up the windmill' seven years prior.[3] When Link shows him his Ocarina, the Windmill Man becomes even more agitated, having been reminded of the song, and plays the Song of Storms angrily, effectively teaching Link the song.[4]

Should Link visit the Windmill Man again as a child and play the Song of Storms, the Windmill will speed up considerably and drain the Well. The increased speed of the windmill disrupts the Windmill Man's music tempo, causing him to become extremely confused, leading to his anger issues in the future.


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