Fishing Hole Man

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Fishing Hole Man
Fishing Hole Man (child timeframe) from Ocarina of Time 3D







The Fishing Hole Man is a character from Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time

The Fishing Hole Man runs the Fishing Pond in the northeast of Lake Hylia. He claims to be a pro fisherman.[1] For 20 Rupees, he allows Link to fish at the pond for as long as he wants, as long as he returns the Fishing Rod afterward.[2][3] Depending on the size of the fish, he gives Link different prizes. Link is his only customer, and without him, he admits that he might go out of business.[4][5]

When Link is a child, the Fishing Hole Man has a full head of hair. However, upon returning seven years later as an adult, the Fishing Hole Man is wearing a hat to cover up his newfound baldness. Link can use the Fishing Rod to snag his hat and take it away.[6]

The Fishing Hole Man does not approve of using other lures,[7] but he is amazed by the Hylian Loach, which can only be caught using the Sinking Lure.[8] He also scratches himself often, and he typically ends a sentence with "I'm serious!"[9]

Twilight Princess

A photo of the Fishing Hole Man from Ocarina of Time can be seen on the wall of Hena's house at Hena's Fishing Hole, holding a Hylian Loach[10]. If examined, Hena wishes he could be one of her ancestors[11].



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