Kakariko Village (Ocarina of Time)

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This article is about the settlement from Ocarina of Time. For Kakariko Village in other games, see Kakariko Village. For other uses, see Kakariko (Disambiguation).
Kakariko Village
Kakariko Village high view panorama - OOT64.png
Kakariko Village from the adult timeframe in Ocarina of Time (N64)




Points of

Shooting Gallery (Adult Link only)




Bazaar (Adult Link only)
Potion Shop (Adult Link only)
Granny's Potion Shop (Adult Link only)



Kakariko Village is a settlement in Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time

Kakariko Village was once built by the Sheikah, and it was the haven of the race. Princess Zelda's attendant Impa was born and raised here. The village used to be inhabited by the Sheikah, but they scattered and the leader of Kakariko Village, Impa, decided to open it for the poor Hylian folks. In the present, Kakariko Village is a small and peaceful village located near Hyrule Castle Town. It houses a few villagers, but nothing of notable interest. Link passes through the village in order to reach Goron City to recover the Goron's Ruby. The Kakariko Village Graveyard is in town as well. The House of Skulltula is also located here.

In the future, Kakariko Village has a larger population, as many fled here after Hyrule Castle Town was destroyed by Ganondorf during his rise to power. It now hosts a Shooting Gallery and Bazaar. The Gravekeeper, Dampé, has since died and will reward whoever can beat his ghost in a race with the Hookshot, which is required to enter the Forest Temple.