Granny's Potion Shop

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Granny's Potion Shop
Interior in Ocarina of Time 3D





Granny's Potion Shop is a shop in Ocarina of Time. It is owned by Granny in the back of Kakariko Village.

When Link is a child, the only way for him to access the shop is by flying into the small yard in front of the shop by using a Cucco. However, the shop is closed and a message is posted on the door letting customers know that Granny is out in the field gathering herbs for her Potions.

Once Link returns seven years later, he can access the now-opened shop by using the Hookshot to grapple on to the roof or by using the back door of the Potion Shop. After Link delivers the blue Cucco Cojiro to the punk guy in the Lost Woods, he asks Link to deliver an Odd Mushroom to Granny. Once Link has delivered the Odd Mushroom to her, she comments on how the guy is a "bum" for going into the forest and asks Link if he sees him again to give him her most powerful potion she has created, the Odd Potion.

After that, Granny sells Link Blue Potion for 100 Rupees.

Item Name Price (Rupees)
Blue Potion.png Blue Potion
(Must have given the owner the Odd Mushroom
and successfully traded the Odd Potion)