Bombchu Shop

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Bombchu Shop

The Bombchu Shop is a shop found in Ocarina of Time. To reach it, Link must go to the left Back Alley (facing the castle) from the Market. However, it is only open at night, and since reaching the Town from Hyrule Field is impossible at night, Link must wait near the castle before coming back to the town once it's night or play the Sun's Song.

The Owner will sell Link either 10 or 20 Bombchus at a time. The best value is the 20 Bombchus for 180 Rupees deal. Since 10 Bombchus cost 100 rupees, Link must have at least the Adult Wallet before being able to buy anything from the store. Once Link buys a pack of Bombchus, it will not be replaced, and after he buys all the Bombchus the whole shop will be sold out and will not restock.[1]

After that, the only way to get bombchus is from the Carpet Merchant (but only as an adult), as well as from the various chests found throughout dungeons. Note that whenever Bombchus are required for a puzzle in a dungeon, there is a chest nearby, making Bombchu shops relatively useless. It is also worth remembering while buying Bombchus that, although there is no Bombchu Bag in Ocarina of Time, the maximum number that Link can carry is 50.

Item Name Price (Rupees)
Bombchu.png Bombchu (10)
Maximum 4 purchasable
Bombchu.png Bombchu (20)
Maximum 4 purchasable



  1. "This is a new type of bomb! It's available only in limited quantities, and when I'm sold out, that's it!" — Bombchu Shop Owner, Ocarina of Time.