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Zora Shop
Zora Shop from Ocarina of Time 3D




The Zora Shop is a location in Ocarina of Time, found within Zora's Domain. When Link first arrives as a child, half of the items consist of Arrows and the Zora Tunic, none of which can be purchased at the time. However, if Link has upgraded his wallet, he can purchase a Fish for 200 rupees. Although a fish is required in order to enter Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly, Link can easily snatch a Fish from the water for free just outside the Zora Shop.

As an Adult, the entrance to the Zora Shop is frozen over with Red Ice. In order to thaw the shop, Link will need to use Blue Fire, which can be acquired in the Ice Cavern, or within the Potion Shop in Kakariko Village. As an adult, Link can purchase the Zora Tunic, which is a highly suggested item for when Link travels through the Water Temple. However, if Link has some Blue Fire, he can thaw the ice around King Zora, to get a Zora Tunic for free. That said, if the tunic is ever gobbled up by a Like Like, Link can purchase it here.

The Zora Tunic is rather expensive - at 300 rupees, the single most expensive item available for purchase in the game. The shopkeeper comments that it is made of the finest material and is exceedingly expensive. Only the Cursed Rich Family of Kakariko Village can afford the tunic.[1] This is in reference to the family that lives in the House of Skulltula. As Link starts the quest with a money-carrying capacity of only 99 rupees, it is impossible to purchase without collecting at least 30 Gold Skulltulas and upgrading to the Giant's Wallet. This quote from the shopkeeper is meant to encourage Link to visit the House of Skulltula to turn in his Skulltula tokens so he can upgrade his wallet.

Item Name Cost (Rupees)
Recovery Heart 10
Red Potion 50
Deku Nut (5) 15
Fish 200
File:ArrowsG Large.png
Arrows (10) 20
File:ArrowsG Large.png
Arrows (30) 60
File:ArrowsG Large.png
Arrows (50) 90
Zora Tunic 300

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  1. "You say you want to buy a Zora Tunic? That tunic is made of the finest material, and is therefore exceedingly expensive! In fact, I'm afraid only that very rich family in Kakariko Village can afford this fine garment..." — Zora shopkeeper, Ocarina of Time.