Goron Shop (Ocarina of Time)

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Goron Shop (Ocarina of Time)
Goron Shop from Ocarina of Time 3D




The Goron Shop is a location in Ocarina of Time, found within Goron City. When Link first arrives at Goron City, the entrance to the shop will be blocked off by a bombable wall. Link can light a Deku Stick on fire and hit the nearby Bomb Flowers, causing them to explode and revealing the entrance to the shop.

The first time Link enters though, he is limited as to what he can purchase. Link is unable to purchase Bombs until he has acquired a Bomb Bag from Dodongo's Cavern. Link also cannot purchase the Goron Tunic as a child. Thus limiting the items that Link can buy to just Recovery Hearts and some Red Potion.

When Link returns as an adult, the shop is again blocked off and won't be open until Link speaks with Link the Goron, who is rolling around town. While Link the Goron will give Link a Goron Tunic, if at any point the tunic is gobbled up by a Like Like, Link can purchase a now one from the Goron Shop.

If Link speaks to the Shop Owner before defeating Volvagia at the Fire Temple, he will be scared, stating that he is the only one left.[1] After defeating Volvagia, he will be much happier now that everybody is back and that business is back as usual.[2]

Item Name Cost (Rupees)
Recovery Heart 10
Red Potion 40
File:BombG Large.png
Bombs (5) 25
Bombs (10) 50
File:BombG Large.png
Bombs (20) 80
File:BombG Large.png
Bombs (40) 120
File:Goron Tunic.png
Goron Tunic 200

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  1. "Oh, no! Everybody's gone! Only I was left behind!" — Goron Shop Owner, Ocarina of Time.
  2. "Everybody has come back! It's business as usual!" — Goron Shop Owner, Ocarina of Time.