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Provincial locations

Death Mountain (Ocarina of Time).png Death MountainDeath Mountain is home to the Gorons and has a Crater that can be visited. The Great Fairy and Fire Temple reside within the Crater while on the outside there are Tektites and Dodongo's Cavern. But Ganondorf blocked the path to Dodongo's Cavern with a boulder and the Gorons needed Link's help to destroy the monster within the cave and the boulder itself so they could eat the "Delicious" rocks. There is also a Great Fairy on top of the mountain, but the path up to the mountain is difficult since there are falling rocks that can damage Link. Kakariko Village can be found beneath the mountain, and the entrance to Death Mountain is guarded.
Gerudo-Valley.png Gerudo ValleyThis valley is located west of Hyrule Field and is divided by a large chasm, at the bottom of which lies Zora's River, whose waters flow to Lake Hylia. The valley is the only way to access Gerudo's Fortressand the Haunted Wasteland.
Kokiri-Forest.png Kokiri ForestIt is where Link starts his adventure, and is the starting area. It is the home to the Kokiri, a race of children that never age and their guardian The Great Deku Tree.
Lake Hylia (Ocarina of Time).png Lake HyliaLake Hylia lies southwest of Hyrule Field. Link gets here for the first time as a child through the tunnel which connects the Lake and Zora's Domain. He accidentally found Ruto's Letter here. As an adult Zora's Domain has frozen and the path has been frozen so Link gets here either by foot, horse or the river which flows from Gerudo Valley. His task is to restore the Lake's water which has been mysteriously drained.
Hyrule Castle.jpg Hyrule CastleThe Hyrule Castle area is home to the race of humans known as Hylians. The Royal Family of Hyrule lives in the castle with the Princess Zelda. Castle Town holds many shops and mini games, the Temple of Time is also located here. You can also access Ganon's castle from here.
Hyrule field ocarina of time.png Hyrule FieldHyrule Field acts as the main hub to the world of Ocarina of Time. This is the open field that Link uses to get to any destination. To the South is Links home the, Kokiri Forest. The north holds the royal Hyrule Castle. Death Mountain lies to the east. Lake Hylia and Gerudo Valley are located to the west. Towards the center of the map is Lon Lon Ranch.
LonlonOverview.jpg Lon Lon RanchHere, Link can obtain Lon Lon Milk, Epona, Bottles and Gold Skulltula Tokens. It is located at the center of Hyrule Field. The ranch is inhabited by Ingo, Malon and Talon, with breed livestock and sells milk to the town.

Death Mountain

Death Mountain Crater.jpg Death Mountain CraterDeath Mountain Crater is located in the heart of Death Mountain. Inside this massive crater rests the Fire Temple, along with seemingly endless pools of flowing lava. This is also the location where Link is taught the Bolero of Fire by Sheik. There are also two Pieces of Heart that can be found here, along with a Great Fairy Fountain.
Goron City OoT 3D.jpg Goron CityGoron City is the home of the Gorons It is found below Death Mountain Crater.
Kakariko Village Graveyard.jpg Kakariko Village GraveyardA Graveyard that is located to the east of Kakariko Village.
Kakariko Village (OOT).png Kakariko VillageThe Kakariko Village was once built by the Sheikah, and it was the haven of the race. Princess Zelda's guardian Impa grew up here. The village used to be inhabited by the Sheikahs, but the leader of the Kakariko Village, Impa, decided to open it for the poor folks. In the Past, Kakariko Village was a small and peaceful village located near Hyrule Castle Town. It housed a few villagers, but nothing of notable interest. Link passes through the village in order to reach Goron City to recover the Goron's Ruby. The Kakariko Village Graveyard is in town as well. The House of Skulltula is also located here.

Gerudo Valley

Gerudo's Fortress.png Gerudo's FortressAlso known as the Thieves' Hideout, is a big fortress guarded by many Gerudo. Link arrives here through Gerudo Valley. The Fortress appears to be the home to the Gerudo too. It is located in western Hyrule and has a mini-dungeon as well.
0122 1.jpg Haunted WastelandThe Haunted Wasteland is a desert. Link must traverse through the desert to be able to enter the Desert Colossus and the Spirit Temple. He only needs to cross it once, because once he makes it to the Spirit Temple, he is able to learn the Requiem of Spirit, which allows Link to instantly warp to the temple. Entering the wasteland requires the Gerudo Token acquired in the Gerudo's Fortress, and the Longshot or Hover Boots to cross the River of Sand. In order to cross the desert, Link must follow the placed flags that lead to a small building that serves as a refuge. On the building, Link can use the Lens of Truth to reveal the Big Poe who will guide Link the remaining way to the Desert Colossus.
Desertcolossus2.jpg Desert ColossusIt is a desert area where the Spirit Temple and one of the many Great Fairies reside. A stone archway and an Oasis can also be found, on top of the Archway lies a Piece of Heart while the Oasis only is home to a few Guay.

Kokiri Forest

Lost woods.jpg Lost WoodsThe Lost Woods in Ocarina of Time are found in the southern portion of the Kokiri Forest. Its inhabitants include Skull Kids, Deku Scrubs, and occasionally a Kokiri. Link first goes searching through the Lost Woods in search of Saria. He eventually finds her in the Sacred Forest Meadow, directly under the entrance to the Forest Temple. It is here when Saria teaches Link Saria's Song, thus allowing them to communicate even when they're far away from each other. Link again visits the Lost Woods as an Adult in search of the Forest Temple.
Sacred Forest Meadow.png Sacred Forest MeadowThe Sacred Forest Meadow is located in the northern portion of the Lost Woods. The meadow is split into two parts: the maze and the entrance to the Forest Temple. It is where Link has to travel in order to learn Saria's Song from Saria. It is very hard to find if Link doesn't follow the tune of the song playing in the Woods. In the meadow, a Fairy Fountain can be found in the middle of the maze.

Lake Hylia

Zora's Domain.jpg Zora's DomainThe home to all the Zoras. When Link goes there as a child, he can get the Silver Scale by playing the Diving Game for 20 Rupees, where he can attempt to dive to the bottom of the waterfall and retrieve the five Blue Rupees the owner threw. If he is successful, the Silver Scale will be his prize. Also, there is a torch puzzle that Link can attempt in order to get a Piece of Heart. When Link goes there as an adult, he finds Zora's Domain completely frozen over. From here, he must travel to the Ice Cavern to retrieve the Iron Boots and a bottle of Blue Fire to unfreeze the King Zora. Expressing his gratitude for Link saving his life, King Zora gives him the Zora Tunic.
Zoras Fountain 1.jpg Zora's FountainZora's Fountain comes into play in the past as well as the future. It is the home of the Zora patron deity, Lord Jabu-Jabu.
Zora's River.jpg Zora's RiverZora's River can be traveled to via Hyrule Field; on the east side there is a small stream that can be crossed, following the path on the other side will lead Link right to Zora's River.

Hyrule Castle

OoT3D Castle Courtyard.png Castle CourtyardLocated near the throne room of the King of Hyrule within the Hyrule Castle, this is where Link first meets Princess Zelda. Once Link has sneaked past the guards, he can enter the courtyard and introduce himself to Zelda, and she introduces herself too. Zelda tells Link that she dreamt of dark clouds enshrouding the sky and a light shot out of the forest, a figure appeared, holding a stone, followed by a fairy. Zelda knows that Link is the one from her dream and the one who will save Hyrule.
Market.jpg Castle TownCastle Town is found in the north of Hyrule Field. It is sectioned off by a drawbridge, which closes at night. Castle Town is the center of minigames and shops while Link is a child; seven years into the future, Castle Town is destroyed and most businesses have moved to Kakariko Village. The town is extremely lively, with many inhabitants, and there is a large fountain in the center. There are also the Back Alleys.
Back Alley.png Back AlleyThe Back Alley is located behind the main center of Castle Town in the east. It is the location of the Bombchu Shop and the house of Mamamu Yan.


Inside-the-Deku-Tree-Basement-1.png Inside the Deku TreeInside the Deku Tree is the first dungeon in Ocarina of Time. It is found in the Kokiri Forest and contains the Fairy Slingshot.
800px-DCC.jpg Dodongo's CavernDodongo's Cavern is the second Dungeon in Ocarina of Time. It is located below Goron City in the Death Mountain Trail and contains the Bomb Bag.
Jabu-Jabu.png Inside Jabu-Jabu's BellyInside Jabu-Jabu's Belly is the third dungeon in Ocarina of Time. It is located inside Lord Jabu-Jabu in Zora's Fountain and contains the Boomerang.
550px-Ft.jpg Forest TempleThe Forest Temple is the first adult temple, fourth Dungeon overall, in Ocarina of Time. In order to access the Sacred Forest Meadow in the Lost Woods where the dungeon is located, Link must obtain the Hookshot from Kakariko Village Graveyard. The Forest Temple contains the Fairy Bow.
800px-Fft.jpg Fire TempleThe Fire Temple is the fifth Dungeon in the game Ocarina of Time. Link discovers its existence from a Gorons bearing his name, Darunia's son, Link the Goron. The Fire Temple is rumored to contain a legendary hammer.
800px-Ice Cavern222.jpg Ice CavernThe Ice Cavern is one of three mini-dungeons in Ocarina of Time. It can be found in Zora's Fountain in the future and contains the Iron Boots.
800px-Wtt.jpg Water TempleThe Water Temple is the sixth dungeon in Ocarina of Time, and is widely considered to be one of the hardest, not because of skill needed to defeat the enemies or the boss within it, but because of its puzzle-like design and repetition to finally complete it. This dungeon has three main floors with a huge pillar in the middle that serves as the main room. Hidden inside the dungeon are three squares painted onto walls with the Triforce on them, and these are used to control the level of the water. If Link plays Zelda's Lullaby next to one of these pictures, the water level inside the dungeon will raise to the floor that he is at. The Water Temple contains the Longshot upgrade for the Hookshot.
OoT-Bottom-of-the-Well.png Bottom of the WellThe Bottom of the Well is a mini-dungeon featured in Ocarina of Time. It is here where the evil shadow beast Bongo Bongo was sealed by Impa, until it escaped from it. Impa then sealed it once again in the Shadow Temple. The Bottom of the Well contains the Lens of Truth.
800px-Shadowtempleinside.jpg Shadow TempleThe Shadow Temple is the seventh dungeon in Ocarina of Time. Along with the mini-dungeon Bottom of the Well, it is considered one of the scariest dungeons, considering it is filled with invisible enemies, guillotines, scythes, etc., this tag makes sense. The Shadow Temple contains the Hover Boots.
14 Ice01 Large.jpg Gerudo Training GroundThe Gerudo Training Ground is a mini-dungeon from Ocarina of Time. It is a difficult training site that is said to hold a special weapon, and only members of the Gerudo can enter.
Spirit-Temple.jpg Spirit TempleThe Spirit Temple is the eighth dungeon found in Ocarina of Time. It can be found in the very depths of the desert, inside the Desert Colossus. In order to complete this dungeon, Link must travel here as an adult, as well as a child. The Spirit Temple contains the Silver Gauntlets, accessible as a child, and the Mirror Shield, accessible as an adult.
581px-Zeldaganonscastle.jpg Ganon's CastleGanon's Castle is the final dungeon of Ocarina of Time, located in the Hyrule Castle in the future, when it is in shambles.