Guard House

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Guard House
OoT Guard House 004.png
Guard House from Ocarina of Time




The Guard House is a location in Ocarina of Time, found in Hyrule Castle Town, just past the main gate. It is inhabited by the Guard House Soldier.

Uses & Collectibles

The Guard House is a very useful place to get Rupees. It contains 37 Rupees hidden within the pots and crates. Inside the Guard House Link can find one Gold Skulltula hidden inside a wooden crate at the far end. (For more information on this location, see the Locations chart on the Gold Skulltula page)

Past to Present Changes

Main article: Ghost Shop

In the future, the Guard House has become the Ghost Shop, occupied by the Poe Collector. Some theories suggest that the Guard House Soldier and the Poe Collecter are the same person.