Diving Game

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Diving Game
Diving Game - OOT64.jpg
Link playing the Diving Game, from Ocarina of Time (N64)




20 Rupees


Pick up all the Rupees at the bottom of the waterfall


The Diving Game is a Mini-Game in Ocarina of Time.

The Diving Game is found at the left side of King Zora's Chamber above the waterfall in Zora's Domain. The Zora who runs the Diving Game lets Link participate for 20 Rupees. Link needs to pick up all the Rupees within the time limit. If Link has succeeded in picking up all the Rupees, he needs to walk up to the Zora to receive the Silver Scale.

Link can play the Diving Game again, but all he receives is the Rupees he picks up at the bottom of the water, which are of random values and may occasionally include a Purple Rupee or even, very rarely, Huge Rupee.