Ganon's Tower

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Ganon's Tower
Ganon's Tower in The Wind Waker


Ganon's Tower, also known as Ganon's Castle in Ocarina of Time, is the final dungeon which Link must overcome in order to defeat Ganondorf. It appears in A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, and The Wind Waker.


A Link to the Past

Main article: Ganon's Tower (A Link to the Past)

Ganon's Tower is a dungeon in the Dark World of A Link to the Past that can be found in the same location as the Light World's Tower of Hera. Link needs all seven Crystals to break the seal on Ganon's Tower. It is an incredibly complex dungeon and Link needs to fight all four bosses from the Light World's dungeons again in this palace. The Red Mail is also found in this dungeon, reducing all damage to ΒΌ. Upon defeating Agahnim, Link is transported to the top of the Dark World's Pyramid of Power to face off against Ganon.

Ocarina of Time

Main article: Ganon's Castle

Ganon's Castle is the final dungeon in Ocarina of Time that is located in the same location as Hyrule Castle in the future. Link needs all Spiritual Stones in order to enter Ganon's Castle. If Link has gathered all Spiritual Stones, the Six Sages awaken and create a multi-colored bridge leading into Ganon's Castle. There are six areas on the ground floor of Ganon's Castle, each area themed after the dungeon required to get the seals, with the exception of the Water area, which is themed after the Ice Cavern. Once Link completes all six areas, and dispels the barriers, he is allowed to enter the next area. At the top, Link has the penultimate battle with Ganon.

The Wind Waker

Ganon's Tower is the final dungeon in The Wind Waker in which Link must defeat Ganondorf. In order to reach this dungeon, Link must first collect all eight pieces of the Triforce of Courage, thus breaking the barrier surrounding Hyrule. Inside the dungeon, there are four chambers in which Link must once again defeat the bosses from past dungeons in a black and white display, as if he was reliving a memory.

After Link conquers all four foes, the next chamber opens, which leads Link to where he battles Phantom Ganon. After fighting him enough times, Link receives the Light Arrows, which he uses for a final blow on Phantom Ganon. Link now enters the final room, where he finds Ganondorf, standing next to a bed with a sleeping Princess Zelda. Here, Link fights all three phases of Puppet Ganon. After this, Link must climb to the top of the room to reach the final chamber where he must fight Ganondorf himself.