Needle Rock Isle

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Needle Rock Isle


Needle Rock Isle is an island along the western portion of the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. It can be found at quadrant E1 on the Sea Chart and is just southwest of Greatfish Isle.

Blue ChuChu

The Blue ChuChu can be found around the ring of the island.

Triforce Chart

A Golden Warship patrols the water around the isle, along with two standard Warships. Destroying the Golden Warship and using the Grappling Hook where it sinks yields a Triforce Chart.

Heart Piece

On the southern tip of the island, near a Korok, is a chest surrounded by flames. Using a Hyoi Pear, Link can a seagull and fly to the top of the thin rock pillar in the center of the island and activate the switch to remove the flames. Watch out for Kargaroks upon nearing the top, as being hit by one returns control to Link. Once the switch is hit, the flames dissipate, allowing Link to open it and claim a Heart Piece.