Town Jail

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The Town Jail is a location in The Wind Waker.

The Wind Waker

The Town Jail is found on Windfall Island across from where Tott dances by the gravestone. Link's first visit to the Jail involves Tingle's introduction, who is seen behind bars. Once Link walks towards the cell, Tingle notices Link—who he mistakes for a fairy—and asks Link to help him escape. If the pots in the corner diagonal from the cell door are moved, a hidden switch can be pressed to free Tingle, who gives Link the Tingle Tuner in the Nintendo GameCube version of the game, and the Tingle Bottle in The Wind Waker HD. He also gives Link the Tingle's Chart.

Picto Box

The Jail is also where the Picto Box is hidden. If the wooden box in Tingle's cell is moved, a hole that can be crawled into will be revealed. Link must enter and solve a maze by avoiding the dead ends which Rats occupy in order to find the Picto Box at the end of the maze.

There are also two stones in the room at the end of the maze that the previous owner of the Picto Box has written on, who turns out to have been imprisoned because of his act of stealing the box.