Tingle's Chart

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Tingle's Chart
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Locating two Great Fairies and Tingle Island


Tingle's Chart is a special chart given to Link by Tingle in The Wind Waker. After Link rescues him from the Town Jail on Windfall Island, Tingle asks Link if he wants to visit his island, and then gives Link this chart.[1] He instructs Link to open the chart when he goes out to sea.[2]

The chart seems to be hand-drawn. It shows the location of Windfall Island and Tingle Island with simple sketches. In addition, a picture of a Fairy is drawn on the quadrants of Outset Island and Northern Fairy Island, indicating where the two Great Fairies that increase Link's wallet size live.



  1. "Ahhh! I was forgetting something important! Oh, Mr. Fairy! You want to come to my island, don't you? Don't you? Don't you?" — Tingle, The Wind Waker.
  2. "When you go out to sea, open it!" — Tingle, The Wind Waker.