Forest Haven

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Forest Haven
The island from afar








The Forest Haven is one of the more major islands in the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. It is home to the race of Koroks as well as the Great Deku Tree.

When Link first arrives at this island, he is met with small cliffs leading to several waterfalls that empty out into different pools and eventually the ocean. If Link follows the water path up into the haven, the island's entire atmosphere changes. Inside the Forest Haven is a gentle, peaceful place where the Koroks celebrate their annual ceremony. There are Forest Fireflies floating gently, and the Forest Water there has magical purposes that is later used to help the Korok's withered saplings grow. Baba Buds are also common here, and Link must use them to shoot himself to higher places inside the island.

In the center of the haven is the Great Deku Tree, but when Link confronts him, he is revealed to be under attack by many ChuChus. Link defeats the ChuChus, which saves the Great Tree. In his thanks, the Great Deku Tree agrees to give Link Farore's Pearl, but he must first watch the Koroks' annual ceremony, where the Deku Tree grows seeds that the Koroks carry to other islands to help spread the forest. However, the ceremony cannot start until Makar, one of the Koroks, plays a special song. Makar's friend, Linder, comes into the haven in a panic, saying the Makar has fallen into the dreaded Forbidden Woods, a smaller island next to Forest Haven that is only accessible by flying. The Deku Tree tells Link that they cannot perform the ceremony without Makar, and that he can't give him the pearl until the ceremony is completed. Link agrees to go and save Makar, and the Great Deku Tree gives him the Deku Leaf to help him glide across the ocean on air currents to reach the Forbidden Woods.


Outside the Forest Haven, there are several islands. One, of course, is Forest Haven itself. Another is the Forbidden Woods, and there is a small platform to jump onto to get there first. The Nintendo Gallery is also on an island, and can be located by landing on a hidden island nearby the haven. There is also another farther off island, housing a Treasure Chart.

Piece of Heart

There is a Piece of Heart under the water nearby to Forest Haven, but can only be obtained if Link owns the correct Treasure Chart, given to him by Kamo on Windfall Island.