Forest Firefly

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Forest Firefly
Bottled Forest Firefly (TWW).png
Artwork from The Wind Waker




Creates the Deluxe Picto Box

The Forest Firefly is an item in The Wind Waker. Link hears about it from Lenzo, who is in search of a way to obtain color pictographs. He says that no normal light can do, and only a glow of the brightest intensity will work.[1] He describes the firefly to Link, saying that its light would do, and asks him to find one at Forest Haven.[2]

Link can find the Forest Firefly flying around outside of Hollo's Forest Potion Shop. He can capture it in a Bottle.[3] When he brings it back to Lenzo, he is amazed.[4] He congratulates Link by placing the firefly inside of his Picto Box, transforming it into the Deluxe Picto Box, which can take colored pictures.[5][6]

In The Wind Waker HD, the Forest Firefly is no longer required to obtain the Deluxe Picto Box. However, if Link captures it and brings it to Lenzo, he is still impressed to see it.[7] He explains that the Forest Firefly was once used to create colored pictures as a reference to its original use.[8] Because Link came so far to give it to him, he offers a Joy Pendant as a reward.[9]


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