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Joy Pendant





Giving to Mrs. Marie


"You got a Joy Pendant! You can keep it in your Spoils Bag. These pendants are said to flock to those who spread joy, like butterflies to nectar-filled blossoms."

— In-game description

Joy Pendants are collectible, joyous items found in The Wind Waker.[1] They appear as yellow butterflies with pink and black wings. Along with other treasures, they are kept within the Spoils Bag. They are fairly common. Link can acquire them in his quest by defeating enemies, such as Bokoblins, or by finding them within Treasure Chests. Link can also use the Grappling Hook to snatch them away from Bokoblins during combat.[2] Mrs. Marie is a character who greatly admires Joy Pendants, and desperately wishes to collect as many as possible.[3] If Link goes to her and gives her 20 Joy Pendants, she will give him the Cabana Deed. If Link gives her 40 more for a total of 60 Joy Pendants, she will give him the Hero's Charm, which allows Link to see enemies' health during battles.



  1. "Joy Pendant These pendants are said to flock to those who spread joy, like butterflies gathering around nectar-filled blossoms." — In-game description, The Wind Waker.
  2. "I hear the bird-people who live on Dragon Roost Island east of here have invented an incredibly useful device that they call a Grappling Hook... No lie, fry! I hear you can throw that thing at monsters and use it to grab treasure they've hidden in their pockets. Talk about cool. Oh, and have you seen those imp-like creatures called Bokoblins that hang out on the lookout platforms at sea and stare through their telescopes? I hear those guys keep Joy Pendants hidden in their pockets, so if you get one of those Grappling Hooks, you can use it to swipe their pendants!" — Fishman, The Wind Waker.
  3. "You see, lately I have been rather taken with collecting Joy Pendants! Those are very rare trinkets that you can't buy at any store. They're quite amazing. Why, their color...and their shape... I feel as if I was destined to gather them! If you have any, please show them to me. Just set them to [Y], [Z], or [X]!" — Mrs. Marie, The Wind Waker.