Hollo's Forest Potion Shop

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Hollo's Forest Potion Shop





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Hollo's Forest Potion Shop is a shop in The Wind Waker.

The Wind Waker

The Forest Potion Shop is run by Hollo and is opened as soon as Link enters the Forest Haven. When Link first enters the shop, Hollo hopes to make a potion that can help him, but indicates that the only potions available at the shop are meant for other Koroks.[1] If Link speaks with Hollo before getting the Deku Leaf and gaining a Magic Meter, he will hint that if Link does gain the ability to use Magic, he can create a potion that will be able to restore it.[2] However, Hollo needs the proper ingredients to do so, citing that they aren't found within the Forest Haven.[3]

Hollo mentions that he needs seeds from the monsters within the Forbidden Woods to make his potion.[4] Hollo is referring to Boko Baba, which can also be found just outside of the Forest Haven. In particular, Hollo needs four Boko Baba Seeds to create a Blue Potion, which will restore both Link's Health and Magic.[5][6][7]