Aryll's Lookout

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Aryll's Lookout




Aryll's Lookout[1], also referred to as the Watchtower[2], is a location found on Outset Island within The Wind Waker. Aryll enjoys playing here with the Seagulls and looking out over the Great Sea using her Telescope.[1]


At the opening of The Wind Waker, Link can be seen sleeping on top of Aryll's Lookout. He is awakened by Aryll, who reminds him that it is his birthday and that he must return home to visit their Grandma.[3] Once he visits her and returns to the Lookout tower, Aryll gives Link her most prized possession, her Telescope.[4] Link then uses the Telescope from the Lookout tower to spot the Rito mailman, Quill, near the Postbox.[5] Aryll then alerts Link to a large bird, the Helmaroc King, and the Pirate Ship chasing after it with cannon shots.[6] Upon closer inspection, Link notices the Helmaroc King is carrying an unfamiliar girl. A stray cannonball makes contact with the Helmaroc King's skull, forcing it to drop the girl into Outset Island's forested area.[7]


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