Two-Eye Reef

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The Two-Eye Reef is an island from The Wind Waker. Two-Eye Reef, the second of the Eye Reefs, is located two squares east of Outset Island in quadrant D7. It has a square outer shape and two stone pillars in the middle, giving it the shape of something with two eyes, or the 'two' side of a die. If Link destroys all of the turrets and gun boats on this island, a treasure chest will appear holding a Treasure Chart that shows where the Secret Cave Chart is.

Big Octo

In the water around this island is a 4 eyed Big Octo. If Link defeats it, a Great Fairy will appear, thanking Link and doubling his Magic Meter.

Triforce Shard

Also in this island is one of the Triforce Shards. Once Link has the chart to find it, he can use his Grappling Hook and retrieve it from the bottom of the sea.