Horseshoe Island

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The Horseshoe Island is a unique island located directly west of Outset Island in The Wind Waker. Living up to its name, the island's shape is a horseshoe. On top of the island, however, is a sort of miniature golf course. On the island are giant nuts, flags with holes under them, and spiky plants that appear out of the ground to block Link's way. Using the Deku Leaf, Link must either blow or roll the nuts into the flag hole they belong in, changing the direction of the wind with the Wind's Requiem and slowly but carefully doing the job. After he advances to the end of the island, Link drops into a grotto to fight two Winged Mothulas and, once defeated, he gets a Treasure Chart. There is also another Treasure Chart on a small island in the middle of the horseshoe's ring. Link can fly there using the Deku Leaf.

Blue ChuChu

The Horseshoe Island hides a Blue ChuChu. However, this enemy only appears at night. It is to the right of the second hole that Link can knock the nuts into.