Chu Jelly Juice Shop

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Chu Jelly Juice Shop

The Chu Jelly Juice Shop is one of the first shops Link encounters in The Wind Waker. It is located on the long, winding staircase on Windfall Island. The shop is owned by Doc Bandam who specializes in turning Chu Jelly into potions.

Initially, Link can only buy Red Potion but if Link brings Doc Bandam 15 green chu jellies and 15 blue chu jellies he will make the green and blue potions. Furthermore, after unlocking the potions, Link can return with just five chu jellies and Doc will give you a free bottle of the corresponding potion. Once unlocked, Link can buy the potions for rupees.

Items Sold
Item Price
Red Potion 20 Rupees
Green Potion 10 Rupees
Blue Potion 60 Rupees