Forbidden Woods

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The Forbidden Woods is the second Dungeon in The Wind Waker. It is found on the island Forest Haven, which is the second island Link is instructed to go by the King of Red Lions in search of Farore's Pearl. Inside it, Link finds the Boomerang by defeating Mothula and other foes. Link makes use of the Boomerang by using it against Kalle Demos, an evil, plant-like creature which is the boss of the dungeon. The island itself is covered in spikes and vines that look dangerous to touch.


Link is sent into the woods by the Great Deku Tree to rescue Makar, who is supposed to perform a ceremony to create seeds to grow new forest across the Great Sea.

As Link progresses through the Forbidden Woods, he finds the Boomerang, which can help him get down giant plants to use as platforms. Link must also use the Deku Leaf to navigate across water on plants.

After exploring through the Forbidden Woods, Link soon meets with the boss, Kalle Demos. After defeating Kalle Demos, Link rescues Makar and goes back to the Deku Tree to perform the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the Koroks leave to spread new forest across the Great Sea. The Great Deku Tree also gives Link the Farore's Pearl to reward him for his courage in rescuing Makar in the Forbidden Woods.

Gaining Entrance

After Link saves the Great Deku Tree, he is told to go into the Forbidden Woods to rescue Makar, who fell in. Since Link cannot fly towards the entrance of the dungeon, the Deku Tree grants him one of his leaves so Link can go to the Forbidden Woods. After making his way up the Great Deku Tree, Link earns the Deku Leaf. Link then goes outside the Forest Haven and uses the tornadoes to float over to the Forbidden Woods.

Dungeon Overview

The interior of the dungeon is a forest. The dungeon hub is the center, and it has a giant flower suspended in the air. Link heads back there after obtaining the Boomerang from defeating Mothula. Link cuts the lines suspending the giant flower it drops to the lower part of the dungeon. From the bottom of the dungeon, Link finds the Boss Key and heads back up towards the boss, Kalle Demos.


Kalle Demos

Main article: Kalle Demos

Kalle Demos is the second boss in the game. Link discovers Makar in the middle of the boss's lair. While Link runs towards Makar, a giant plant comes up and eats Makar, suspending itself to the ceiling using vines. Link must use the Boomerang to cut down the vines and attack the plant that ate Makar. If Link does not hurry, Kalle Demos will eat Link up and spit him out. Kalle Demos uses thick vines to whip at Link. Link should avoid them and repeat the process to defeat Kalle Demos. Finally, once Makar is free, he asks Link to take him back to the Great Deku Tree. Link is rewarded with a Heart Container and a portal to exit the dungeon.