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Boko Nut




Defeat enemies
Hitting switches

Boko Nuts are objects that appear in The Wind Waker.


Boko Nuts first appear within the Forbidden Woods. First found in the entrance room of the dungeon, Link is able to pickup and throw the nut around, using it as a projectile weapon against enemies. Many doors within the Forbidden Woods are covered in overgrown vines, preventing Link from opening them. These doors have a flower eye that when Link comes to near to it, the eye will close, preventing Link from attacking it. Link can instead pickup a Boko Nut, keep his distance from the eye, and toss it, hitting the eye and clearing the vines, allowing Link to progress.

Numerous puzzles in the Forbidden Woods require Link to use Boko Nuts. In some cases the nuts may fall and break. At which point the Boko Nut will always regrow where it initially spawned. Some puzzles require Link to lift the Boko Nut, carry it on moving carts, or use a Deku Leaf to blow the nut.

Later in the quest at Horseshoe Island, Boko Nuts can be found and are used in a mini-golf style mini-game. There are holes in the distance that Link must get the Boko Nut to fall into. However, Vines prevent Link from simply dropping or throwing the nuts in place. Instead, Link will need to keep his distance from the vines, so that they don't appear. He can use the Deku Leaf on the Boko Nut, shooting it up ahead, trying to make it into the holes.