Treasure Chart 1

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Treasure Chart 1





Sunken Treasure #1
Private Oasis (Silver Rupee)

Treasure Chart 1 is one of the 46 Treasure Charts found in The Wind Waker.

Acquiring Treasure Chart

The Treasure Chart can be found in the second room of the Forbidden Woods. However, it requires Link to first acquire the Boomerang, the dungeon item within the Forbidden Woods. After acquiring the Boomerang, Link can use the warp pots to return to the dungeon entrance and then advance to the second room.

Link can use the Boko Bulbs in this room in combination with the Deku Leaf to travel to the very top of the room. There is a Treasure Chest found in a nook at the very top of the room, but it is surrounded by vines. Use the Boomerang to clear the vines and open the chest to get the Treasure Chart.

Sunken Treasure

The corresponding Sunken Treasure can be found at the Private Oasis and it contains a Silver Rupee, worth 200 rupees.