Bird's Peak Rock

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Bird's Peak Rock


Bird's Peak Rock is an island located in the E7 section of the Great Sea. Many Kargaroks reside in this multi-tower island.

On Link's Sea Chart, the Bird's Peak Rock is surrouned by the Thorned Fairy Island to the north, the Bomb Island to the west, and the Cliff Plateau Isles to the south.


Various treasures can be found on or near Bird's Peak Rock.

To obtain the Triforce Chart located on the island, Link must use a Hyoi Pear to take control of a near-by flying seagull. Once in control of the seagull, Link must use it to hit all the white diamonds scattered around across the tops of each rock spire on the island, in order to open the gate and obtain the map.

Blue ChuChu

The Blue ChuChu can be found on top of the cave with the steel gate. Use the Grappling Hook to latch onto the peg sticking out of the wall. Climb the rope of the Grappling Hook to the top of the peg, then climb up to the top of the cave to find the Blue ChuChu.