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Quill is a vigilant and dutiful Rito in The Wind Waker. He has the work of delivering letters throughout the Great Sea. He is first seen delivering letters in Outset Island. However, while doing so, he becomes shocked after seeing the Helmaroc King holding a girl, Tetra, dropping her into the forest. When Link, Tetra and Gonzo are in a conversation after Aryll was taken by the Helmaroc King, Quill jumps in and says if the pirates had not come to Outset Island, Aryll would not have been snatched away, and says that girls have been kidnapped from all regions of the Great Sea to the Forsaken Fortress, because of their pointy ears. Furthermore, when Quill travels back to his home island, Dragon Roost Island, he tells his people about Link's sister having been taken. When Link arrives at Dragon Roost Island, he sees Quill and the Rito Chieftain discussing. After the discussion, Quill gives Link the Delivery Bag. Link can later find Quill on Greatfish Isle, the island that has been tormented, and he informs that Jabun was located here, and that he had the time to flee before settling in Outset Island.