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Ivan is a character from The Wind Waker and can be found on Windfall Island.


Ivan is the leader of the Killer Bees, a group of four rowdy school boys who cause mischief for their schoolteacher Mrs. Marie. When Link first arrives at Windfall Island, Ivan will begin to follow him around whenever Link walks by. Initially Ivan tells Link that Windfall Island is their turf and that they should be messed with.[1]

After Tingle has been freed from the Town Jail, Ivan and the Killer Bees provide a helpful hint to finding the Picto Box.[2] Jan has heard that the thief stole the Picto Box and was locked up in the Town Jail for a long time. Eventually the thief was able to get free, but the Picto Box was never found.[3] Jin suggests that maybe the Pictobox is still hidden somewhere in the jail cell.[4] Although Jun-Roberto comments that that would be real stupid if that were the case.[5]


Main article: Hide-and-Seek

After talking with Mrs. Marie, she will task Link with talking to Ivan and try to set him straight. Link can then speak with Ivan to play Hide-and-Seek, a game where Link must find all four members of the Killer Bees.[6] Ivan can be found on top of a large tree, right where Maggie's Father or Mila's Father is standing. Link can roll into the tree, causing Ivan to jump off and run away. When Link finds Ivan and the rest of the Killer Bees, he will receive a Piece of Heart.[7] Afterwards, Link is asked by them to apologize to Mrs. Marie for their actions, and to look for Joy Pendants to give her.

After Link apologizes to Mrs. Marie for them, Ivan will immediately confront Link. He informs Link that it's soon going to be Mrs. Marie's birthday.[8] Jan will jump in, suggesting that maybe they should get her a birthday present.[9] Although Ivan shoots that idea down right away, saying that they are no teacher's pet.[10] Jin will jump in, saying that Mrs. Marie loves jewelry, and in particular, Joy Pendants.[11] Jan thinks its a great idea, but has no idea where to find them.[12] Ivan remembers seeing some sparkling light on top of some tree in town, but doesn't quite remember.[13] Jun-Roberto chimes that maybe that sparkling light was a Joy Pendant.[14]

A Joy Pendant can be found at the top of the tree, located right next to the Bomb Shop. Link can simply roll into the tree to knock it down and will automatically retrieve it. Once Link gets it, the Killer Bees will appear and Ivan reveals that they had hid the treasure up there.[15] Jin says that it would be a good present for Mrs. Marie on her birthday.[16] Despite the gesture, Jan thinks it will hurt the Killer Bees reputation if they go around giving away presents.[17] Ivan will then ask Link if he can give the Joy Pendant to Mrs. Marie, with Jin jumping in to acknowledge that Link is very reliable.[18][19]


Windfall's Gang of Boys, the Killer Bees
Killer Bees Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Main Objective: Raising trouble

This small group of four calls itself the Killer Bees. Starting from left, the members are:

The leader, Ivan:
A very talented and reliable leader. Leave all tree climbing to him.

Jin, the fox:
Ivan's quick-witted adviser. His wry insults can be hard to take.

Jan, the blue-hair:
Uses his innocent looks to avert trouble. He's the Killer Bee's Thug.

The pig-nosed, Jun-Roberto:
Secretly aims to be the next gang leader. He was raised in a bourgeois family and has developed into a terrible little tyrant.

When these four are together, they fear absolutely nothing!



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