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Ivan is a character from The Wind Waker and can be found on Windfall Island. He is the leader of the Killer Bees, a group of four kids who cause mischief for their schoolteacher Mrs. Marie. When Link first arrives at Windfall Island, Ivan will begin to follow him around whenever Link walks by.

Link can speak with Ivan to play Hide-and-Seek, a game where Link must find all four members of the Killer Bees. Ivan can be found on top of a large tree, right where Maggie's Father or Mila's Father is standing. Link can roll into the tree, causing Ivan to jump off and run away. When Link finds Ivan and the rest of the Killer Bees, he will receive a Piece of Heart. Afterwards, Link is asked by them to apologize to Mrs. Marie for their actions, and to look for Joy Pendants to give her.


Killer Bees
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Birthplace: Windfall Island
Main Objective: Raising trouble
This small group of four calls itself the Killer Bees. Starting from left, the members are: The leader, Ivan: A very talented and reliable leader. Leave all tree climbing to him. Jin, the fox: Ivan's quick-witted adviser. His wry insults can be hard to take. Jan, the blue-hair: Uses his innocent looks to avert trouble. He's the Killer Bee's Thug. The pig-nosed, Jun-Roberto: Secretly aims to be the next gang leader. He was raised in a bourgeois family and has developed into a terrible little tyrant. When these four are together, they fear absolutely nothing!