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Find all 4 Members of the Killer Bees


Hide-and-Seek is a Mini-Game found in The Wind Waker.

This game is located at the center of Windfall Island, where the Killer Bees are located. After speaking with Mrs. Marie, she will task Link with talking to Ivan, the leader of the Killers Bees, to try to set them straight.[1] After talking with Mrs. Marie and agreeing to help out, Link can then speak with Ivan outside to begin the mini-game.[2]


Link must find all four the Killer Bees and speak with them. All four of them are located outdoors on Windfall Island.[3] To complete the mini-game, Link must find all four of them without leaving the island. Their locations are as follows.

  • Ivan - Ivan can be found on top of a large tree, right where Maggie's Father or Mila's Father is standing. Link will need to roll into the tree to cause Ivan to jump down.
  • Jan - While facing the School of Joy, walk through the archway to the left. Then carefully turn to the left to find Jan hiding behind the bush.
  • Jin - He can be found hiding behind the Bomb Shop. Just left of the Bomb Shop, Link can leap across the gap to get to the back and find him.
  • Jun-Roberto - Found hiding by the Gravestone where Tott is dancing. While facing the School of Joy, head out the archway to the right to find the grave.


As a reward for finding all four of the Killer Bees, Ivan will give Link a Piece of Heart.[4]



  1. "But I do have a rather joyless problem... There's this delinquent gang of four young boys who never listen to a word I say. Even though I wait patiently for those boys to show up, they never come. It's as if they don't want joy in their hearts! Could you please catch their leader, that little boy named Ivan, and talk some sense into him for me?" — Mrs. Marie, The Wind Waker.
  2. "Yeahhhhhhhh! Yo, bud! You got a problem with us Killer Bees? Huh? DO YA? Don't tell me it's that annoyin' hag of a teacher again... Is it? You came here to give us a talkin'-to 'cause Mrs. Marie asked you to, right? Tell us not to skip school, right, bud? Tell us not to be "tardy", right, bud? Well, forget about all that! We're the mighty and invincible gang of four_the Killer Bees! Do you think we'd listen to a chump like you?! But...I'll tell you what, bud! If you wanna challenge us to a competition, then we'll think about maybe listenin' a little bit! What do you say, bud? Do you want to challenge us? I'll take you on! Leave me alone" — Ivan, The Wind Waker.
  3. "OK! Your funeral, bud! The rules are simple! We're gonna go hide somewhere, and if you find us, we're gonna run! You gotta try to catch us. Easy as that, bud! We won't hide indoors or nothin', and we won't leave this island, so look for us around in the shadows and behind buildings and stuff. If you catch all four of us, we lose. You got it, bud? Ready..." — Ivan, The Wind Waker.
  4. "Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I can't believe it. You found all four of us... and you caught us all, too! Talk about utter defeat! Looks like we lost our touch, Killer Bees. I guess maybe it's time we chilled out. From now on, we won't cause no more trouble for anyone... And to reward your hide-and-seekin' skills... Here! Take this, bud!" — Ivan, The Wind Waker.